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Sometimes we need an extra pick me up when we are working out. For me, I feel most confident when I am in nice gym clothes that inspire and motivate me. All but one of these tanks are from Lorna Jane, and that's because Lorna Jane is constantly updating and adding new inspirational quote designs to their collection. I know it can sometimes seem a bit overpriced, where you pay 40-60 dollars for a tank, but Lorna Jane tanks are 100% worth it in my eyes! They feel amazing, they last forever, and they empower us LJ girls to keep going.

The first shirt (not being from Lorna Jane) is one i found on amazon. While I can't talk for the fabric, or how it wears as I have never worn one before...the quote stood out for me! Sometimes we get so frustrated at life, or even other people, and working out is such a good stress relief. Inspiration Shirts

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