Review: Australis Metallix Eyeshadow


Back in the day....and by back in the day i mean sometime last year, Australis released a limited edition collection, where some items were going to stay on permanently (hello contour kit!) and others were not. They released a few shades of these Metallix Eyeshadows, and obviously due to their popularity they were made permanent with extra shades added. There are two shades I bought back when they were released, and I've nearly hit pan on one of them. They are a creamy, HIGHLY pigmented shadow that can be applied thick for an intense look, or lightly for a wash of sparkling colour over the lid.

Swatches from bottom to top: Bronzonce, Lana Del Grey, Jay Zed, Guns and Rose Petals, Plum Diddy.

Jay Zed: In this shot (it was taken at night, so not the best representation) it looks more gold than olive. When you swatch it, its like a brown gold mixed with green. It is a very earthy colour, and is perfect teamed up with a brown smokey eye. 

Oh my baby Bronzonce! Sadly i don't think this shade is available anymore, however the two other shades i don't have (Gold Gaga and Pearl Jammin) look pretty much like they could be this. Australis may have potentially kept the colour but changed the name, however I can't find any info on that fact. This (as you can see) has been used to death. It is perfect with a slight wash over the lid, to add a youthful sparkle, and its even better thickened up with a cat eye.

Plum Diddy: I can see myself using this colour to death over the winter season! The shot is coming off more brown in these watched and photos, however its a deep maroon purple that just screams winter and grunge!

Lana Del Grey: THIS...this, oh lord this. This teamed up with a smokey eye would be the perfect killer match. Its a stone colour with almost a lilac hue to it. 

Guns and Rose Petals: Last but definitely not least, this is highly comparable to Kitten by isn't showing up in this particular shot but its the perfect shade of rose gold. I think i am most excited about this shade out of them all. 

Well that was certainly a lot to get through, but honestly, these eyeshadows are crazy pigmented and versatile, considering they only retail for $8.95 each. For the price, they are so incredibly worth it. If i had to find one bad thing to say, it would be that a LOT more product could be squished into this container. Honestly though, I wouldn't mind repurchasing these when they run out, as a little bit goes a long way. 


These products can be found on the Australis website, at your nearest Priceline store, and in selected K-Marts. 

Thanks for reading this beauty post, and rest assured a fitness post is coming your's all about balance.


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