Positive Thinking for the Holiday Season


This time of the year is my hands-down favourite season, minus the stinking hot weather in QLD. It is also one of the most stressful periods of the year, and sometimes the fluctuation of conflicting feelings can make us overwhelmed. I thought it would be a good idea to talk about a few ways we can turn our worries into wisdom at this busy time of the year, so that we can stay positive and joyful!

Money, Money, Money...It's not funny.

Hands up who has no money right now. Hands up who is freaking out about getting presents, and the leg ham, and the decorations. If I could raise my hands higher than the moon, that's where they would be.

Christmas doesn't stop for anyone. On top of the presents, and the planning of food, and maybe even school holidays for some of you, we also have bills. bills, bills, bills! For a lot of people, like myself, I have electricity and water bills due at the same time as having to organise presents and food. This is tough because we WANT to give amazing gifts to our friends and family, but sometime there is stress when you also need to pay $600 dollars to keep the fridge running and the fans circling. What we can do is simple...REMEMBER what Christmas is about. You don't need to spend heaps of money on gifts; think outside of the box. Think of ways you can give to others that is more meaningful than materialistic. My mantra is...if someone is going to judge you or criticize you for not buying them a present that is of high quality, or nothing at all, then is that really a person you want in your life? If you are honestly struggling, or maybe you just have a very small budget to spend, do things from the heart and honestly screw anyone who is going to judge you for what you decide to do for them.

I gotta get my shit together

You know that time of the year, when January 1st is lurking in the corner like an ex-bf and is giving you the death stare knowing full well that you are not prepared? Ahh yes. This is the time when you may feel like SHIT, for lack of better words. You haven't reached all your goals (or even one if you are like me). You haven't saved that money you planned on doing. You don't have the body of a supermodel. It is very easy to get disheartened at a variant of factors, but its important to realise that that is simply life. Shit gets in the way of our goals. Sometimes that shit is ourselves. Doesn't mean you are stuck in this cycle forever. Sit back and think of the positives of the past year, rather than what you didn't achieve. For me, I finally had Nausea-free days and less anxiety. I also payed off a little debt, and grew my follower base on Instagram. I had a photo of mine featured on an Australian Makeup Brands Instagram account. These things may seem little or trivial, but they are all hella positives of 2016.

Retail Nightmare
Another topic I wanted to mention is something I have a lot of experience with. Gosh, that makes me sound like a prestige business woman. Yes I have EXTENSIVE experience in this field of knowledge, thank you. Moving on, I worked in retails since the age of 14ish....i say 14ish cause I have a feeling it was more 15, but you get the drift. Christmas was the busiest time of the year, especially when I was working at a grocery store. There were lines and lines upon lines. There was standing on your feet for hours with no break. There was overtime and overworking to deal with the crazy flow of people constantly in and out. It is easy to becoming negative and stressed with the business of the shops, especially when you have been in line for 20 minutes already. Remember that the people working are only human and can only go so fast. Remember that the other customers in the line are in there for the same reason as you and are probably not having a great day either. 
There are a lot of things that are beyond our control when it comes to busy times of the year, and it is easy to become overwhelmed and stressed. I know this is a very different kind of post, but I believe it is necessary for us to change the way we think, especially in stressful situations. 

Have a WONDERFUL holiday season, and stay joyful! x

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