Monthly Catchup - June


I thought I would start doing a monthly catchup on my blog, as I wanted to make this blog more personal and not just about beauty products. Truth is I have so many different passions in my life that I want to share, and I also want to use this blog as a medium of expression and an aid in helping me lead a better, happier life. I am not sure in which format these posts will be, but hey, lets just wing it shall we?

Work... If you didn't know, I work in administration for a car dealership. I love my job (I'm a bit of a freak when it comes to administration tasks....I find it so enjoyable. EOFY was hectic. We were preparing for it for weeks in advance, and the last day of the month was so full on. Besides that I am just pottering along, and starting to really enjoy what i do more!

Health... I had planned in June to start working out again. That didn't happen. I am, however, motivated more than ever to make July my bitch! I am sick of being the fat girl at the party. The one who is too body conscious to dance. The one who wants to look like a hot piece of ass, but feels like a donkey instead. But not just that, i want to FEEL good. I want to feel healthy. So stay tuned for more fitness related posts coming ahead. Also If you didn't know, I have a separate instagram account for all things fitness and health is @becomingfittashh :)

Blog... I have started to reevaluate what I want to come off my blog, like where I want to go with this. I was so focused on gaining readers, that I started to find it as a chore and not a passion. I have realised that this will take a fair while to 'reach' a bigger audience, but thats fine with me. I LOVE doing this, and i LOVE talking to fellow bloggers and getting involved in the community. 

To top this off, I thought I would share a few snapshots from the month of June that I took. Wishing you all a BEAUTIFUL July.

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  1. Yay! I love wrap ups :) I work in administration right now too, it's embarrassing how therapeutic I find it haha :P Also, you're gorgeous and would be a hottie at any party babe. Still an awesome idea to go to gym so you can be strong and feel amazing though :3

    Kate |

    1. I am HOPELESS with replying lately! haha! It definitely is therapeutic hey. I got way too excited yesterday when they fixed my scanner. It was in that moment I realised I have no life :P
      Awh thank you! you have no idea how happy that makes me. DEFINITELY need to go to gym though to feel good! xx


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