June Favourites


Is it not barbaric that it is already July?! Wow. June was hectic for me, especially at work. It was full on preparation mode for EOFY and to top it off my scanner broke so it was a very stressful month. It was however a good month because I have reevaluated a lot of things in my life, and where I want to be heading. Without further adieu, lets jump into my favourites for the month of June.

This perfume has been my favourite perfume for as long as I can remember. It is perfect for everyday, as well as for evenings.  Intimately Beckham has notes of bergamot as well as rose petals, with a base of vanilla, sandalwood and musk. If that racks your brain, pretty much its a florally, musky, juicy fragrance. Okay, I am HORRIBLE at explaining perfumes. But I 100% recommend you check this out next time you're near a chemist or perfumery, as it is very affordable and honestly AMAZING.

My oh my... The Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette is beyond words. It is CRAZY pigmented and is perfect for many skin tones. I picked this up after I saw Jaclyn Hill raving about it on snapchat, and i was instantly like YAAAS, and bought it the next day. I have a full review on this product coming soon, so stay tuned.
I have been having a love-hate relationship with blush lately. I can never seem to get the right form of pigmentation on my cheeks, regardless of whatever product I use. This beauty is one of the only ones I can get to transfer onto my cheeks. It is called 'Blushing Rose' by Elf Cosmetics and is a stunning deep rosy-red, with gold reflects (not chunky, think subtle glow) which is just STUNNING for the colder months. Plus I believe when I purchased this bad boy a few years ago it only cost something ridiculously cheap like $3. 

Is there any surprise that this Too Faced Sweet Peach palette made my favourites? Honestly, this palette is so versatile in the sense that I can use it on my less-makeup days, or when I want to look glam. It is easily transitioned for both Summer and Winter, and of course the pigmentation raises the roof on this one! The novelty of it has definitely not worn off yet, and I am so eager to try more stuff from Too Faced, just due to their high quality of products.

I picked this candle up from Kmart a few months back now and my lordy, it smells so juicy and delicious. It is a mandarin and lime scent and the best part is, when the candle is completely all gone, I can keep the container for storage...I mean how CUTE is the packaging?! Pick yours up from here!


Last month I was listening to lots and lots of Aussie Hip Hop/Rap. Think Seth Sentry, Tuka, Remi, Illy.... 

Even though I have watched the whole series through before, I have started re watching 90210 (the newest version). I have problems okay. I haven't even finished One Tree Hill yet before moving on to my next show to binge watch. Its a disease okay. 
Thanks for listening to me yap on about my favourite things for the month of June! I want to start doing monthly edits where I fill you in on everything, especially reaching my goals and my health/lifestyle, so stay tuned if that kind of personal stuff interests you.

X Tee.

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