Sleek Highlighting Palette in Solstice - Review


About a month ago I was watching Jaclyn Hill's snapchats on how she LOVES this Solstice Highlighting palette by Sleek. Jaclyn states that she mixes Equinox with Champagne Pop by Becca x Jaclyn Hill. I am not fortunate enough (YET) to own Champagne Pop, so I haven't yet had the chance to try out this combination. HOWEVER, I am still 100% madly in love with this bad boy, especially considering it only cost me $14.

There is one cream formula, and three powders (two of which are baked). I mainly use Equinox (swatches down below), mixed with Hemisphere, but honestly, they are all amazing, highly pigmented and universal. My best friend has much darker skin than i do (all hail pasty pale gals) and they suit her just as beautifully as they are on pale skin. That is what I love in a product ultimately. That they can be used by everyone, no matter the shade of skin. There is nothing worse than seeing a product and being all "I WANT YOU SO BAD"...."but that is NOT going to suit my pale skin". First world problems I guess.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Equinox, Hemisphere, Subsolar, Ecliptic
As you can see, they swatch so beautifully (this was only one swipe) and although they are powdery to an extent, they are the most pigmented highlighters I have ever come across. The pink/purple shade, Hemisphere, may look scary but trust me, it can be used even on your most natural of makeup days, or your most glam.

If you are every around a Sleek counter (I do believe Australia now stocks Sleek in selected Target Stores) I 100% recommend you pick one of these up, or at least swatch it and see it for all its glory!



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