BECCA x JACLYN HILL / Champagne Collection Face Palette - Review


Hey now, hey now...this is what dreams are made of! Sorry about that burst of Lizzie McGuire, but how can you not bust into song when you see this gorgeous creation!? 

Here is a little run-down of how this baby managed to come into my possession. One day at work, I was minding my own business when my co-worker (who happens to be my best friend...awh gush, cute, stop it) mentions that this palette is available in Australia. "HOLD UP GIRL, what?!" that's pretty much it... you thought you were in for a magical story didn't you? Sorry, but soon as I knew this was available, and that it was Limited Edition, I didn't waste any time. 

Jaclyn Hill is my ULTIMATE girl crush, and she SLAYS the game when it comes to makeup, and fashion and Cinnabon Delights and all of the above, so you best believe I would jump on that bandwagon and support her. 

The palette itself is a mix of white, gold and silver, and just screams champagne! Inside everything is gold and mirrored, which can be painful for taking photos, but do you think I care? and that mirror... never have I seen a more big, more crisp and clear mirror in any palette ever. Never ever ever. 

The top row has three very versatile blush shades. Left to right you have Rosé Spritz, which is a Luminous Blush shade (a peachy pin with gold iridescent to it) and two Mineral Blush shades, Amaretto (a almond nude) and Pamplemousse (a hot vibrant coral). 

The bottom row features two highlighters that will sing to the heavens and knight you your royal fleekness. On the left you have the iconic Champagne Pop, which is a rose gold highlight, and on the right you have Prosecco Pop which is more of a yellow-gold highlight. Both will have you looking like you bathed in Beyonce's tears. 

TOP TO BOTTOM: Champagne Pop, Prosecco Pop, Pamplemousse, Amaretto, Rosé Spritz. 

Now lets talk value for money and product quality. All of these shades were created by Jaclyn Hill herself. The three blushes, as well as Prosecco Pop, are not available in the full-sized compacts. This alone makes the value undeniable and one of a kind. The colours are also extremely versatile and will not only take you from season to season, but will also compliment many different skin tones. 

The price point for this in Australia is $89 compared to $52 in America (GOD DARN YOU AMERICANS AND YOUR CHEAP MAKEUP), which I know shocked a lot of people, but honestly I see the value straight up. The highlighters alone here in Australia are $60....and the highlighters in the palette are not too far off being the same size as the original compact (around 10 oz difference). If you were, for example, to want to buy 3 blushes and 2 highlighters here...You are looking at nearly 300 dollars. 

The quality of the products speak for the value of money also. They are so pigmented, yet EXTREMELY blendable and soft. The first time I applied them to my skin, it looked like I was glowing and for once my skin looked healthy. You really do pay for quality when it comes to high-end products, and the formula for Becca is no exception. 

I am so deeply sorry for burning your eyes out and making your butt numb after having to sit through and read this for the passed 3 hours, but I really wanted to give my full creative capacity when trying to review this product, as it is legitimately one of a kind. 

Jaclyn you slayed girl!

x Tee

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