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Recently I have done a post on my empties and I mentioned I was splitting it in half due to the absurd amount of stuff I have been carting around. This edition will be all about the makeup I have either used, or stuff that's dried up or gone bad, and how I feel about it!

Maybelline FIT Me Concealer in 15 Fair: This is hands down one of my favourite drugstore concealers on offer. The consistency is just thick enough to cover dark circles, but lightweight enough that it doesn't look cakey. I would prefer a lighter shade (they have number 10 but its actually a darker tone than 15). 
Repurchase? Will always repurchase this (currently have another in my collection as we speak).

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in Fair & in Brightener: I think I got faulty products cause neither of these wanted to disperse enough product when I was using it. They also dried up so long ago that honestly, I can't remember if I like the formula.
Repurchase? Probably won't repurchase.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly & Vanilla: I used to be addicted to this concealer! regret buying the Vanilla shade though, as it was a bit too dark on my skin tone. If I ever get around to trying it again I will choose Chantilly. It is very similar to the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, just a bit thicker. 
Repurchase?  Possibly. Was a great concealer but Maybelline does it similar.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC15: I loved this concealer for when I wanted FULL coverage, however due to the thickness it can come across cakey. I find if I use a beauty blender, I can kind of thin it out. Sadly, this dried up not too long after purchasing it, so there is still a lot of product inside, just completely crisped. 
Repurchase?  If I were to repurchase I would have to see if they have a lighter shade. MAC shades confuse the living shit out of me. 

L'Oreal True Match Concealer in 2 Vanilla: Uuuuugh. I hated this product. It is the lightest shade out of the bunch, and its so god dang yellow. Definitely not for those with super pale or even moderately pale skin tone. 
Repurchase?  No no no no no.

Maybelline FIT Me Pressed Powder in 120 & 115: I really like this powder for when I want a bit of extra cover. The shade 115 is perfect for when I am pale as its slightly lighter than my skin tone so it adds a bit of brightness especially under the eyes.
Repurchase?  I have repurchased the shade 115.

Revlon Nearly Naked Mineral Powder in 010 Fair: Yeh no. I haven't even used more than a dollars worth of this product. The colour is just wrong (so so sooooo yellow based) and it doesn't have what I want in a powder, which is to either stay matte or add coverage, or do both if you are a wonder product. I think I might pass this on to a family member before it is definitely expired. 
Repurchase?  can i get a hell to the nah?

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation in 150 Buff: This shit is magical. I always end up picking it up when its on sale at priceline. The colour surprisingly matches (in the container it looks slightly dark but it matches perfectly once on the skin) and I find it lasts on my skin all day, providing medium to full coverage. 
Repurchase?  YEP!

Maybelline FIT Me Shine -Free Foundation Stick in 110: I would never use this product for foundation for my whole base, as I don't think it provides enough coverage (it is very sheer-light coverage). Someone told me they use it for highlighting under the eyes, but I just don't think its pigmented enough. 
Repurchase? Not a repurchase I will be making unfortunately. 

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation in 110 Ivory: This is one of those foundations you use and LOOOOVE, and then you forget about it, but when you come back to it you wonder why you ever left. This foundation makes me nostalgic for my younger days, as I have been using this product since maybe 2008/2009.
Repurchase?  I have a backup going at the moment, and as with the Whipped version, I will always repurchase when there are good sales on.

Nars Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc: I had high hopes for this foundation as so many beauty guru's raved about it years ago. I am not sure if I got colour matched wrong, or whether it just wasn't enough coverage for me, but It wasn't a knock out for me.
Repurchase?  If I was going to repurchase, I think I would try the   All Day Luminous foundation by Nars (in a lighter shade too). 

Benefit They're Real! Mascara: I loved this product, but I didn't at the same time. I feel like it was hyped up waaaaay too much and it didn't live up to its expectations, but in saying that it did a good job.
Repurchase?  I probably won't repurchase this as right now I have my eyes on a few other mascaras that I'm hoping will do more with my eyelashes.

L'Oreal Miss Manga Mega Volume Mascara: This product was my trusty sidekick when I first got it. I actually got it because I saw Tahana Lee rave about this when it first came out and my lordy, it makes your eyelashes so wispy! Sadly it is completely dried up, but its on my list of "to buy" eventually. 
Repurchase?  Eventually yes!

L'Oreal Butterfly Effect Fibre Mascara: YES YES YES... L'Oreal must be on crack when it comes to mascaras (I do not condone drug use FYI) because of all the ones I have tried, I have loved. This was my ride or die for so so so long (this one pictured is actually my 3rd tube). Typing this now is making me hella nostalgic and I feel like I might need to pick up a new tube soon to heal my soul. 
Repurchase?  Need this back in my life!

Essence Get BIG! Lashes Mascara: Not my cup of tea. Didn't tickle my pickle. I mean it was dirt cheap, and it puts colour into your eyes with slight volume (would be good for a beginner or someone quite young just starting to venture into this big crazy world of makeup), but just wasn't for me. 
Repurchase?  No

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in 080 Strawberry Shortcake: This colour used to be my staple go-to lip colour, but as of the past year or so I just don't wear much pink anymore. This tube is on its last leg (the amount you see in the photo is the actual amount of product left) so it was time to part ways. I had a back up tube of this (I was that obsessed back in the day that I remember picking up a backup in a 40% off sale, but never used it) but I just gave it to my 5 year old cousin who is addicted to makeup. 
Repurchase? Sad news guys, Revlon have discontinued this range...So no, no repurchasing in any of their shades which is a bummer for many I'm sure.

Model Co Lipstick in Dusk Till Dawn: I received this in a Bella Box, I'm gonna say around 2 years ago now, and I hated it when I first got it. I wasn't into browns (below photo shows the colour) so it stayed hidden away for all of eternity...or around a year. Then as I ventured into the more neutral lips and brown tones, I fell in love with the colour. It is a terracotta brown and is all sorts of heavenly goodness. I don't know if I am a fan of the formula, as I only got to wear it a few times...until....(let me just build up the suspense...WHAT IS SHE GOING TO SAY....will we ever know?....okay...I will tell you...) I came home one day, and it had completely broke inside. I mean I could salvage it with a lip brush, but honestly this has to be so far gone on the expiration date. 
Repurchase?  Maybe...just due to the shade...but I'm sure I can find a similar shade out there.

Rimmel London Apocalips in 303 Apocaliptic: I used to wear this non stop in 2010/2011, but since then I haven't touched it. It smells so rank, that I feel like if I were to put it in a bag of dog poo, it might actually overtake the fowl smell and all you could smell would be this lipstick.
Repurchase?  Neveeeer.

RIP to the lipstick you used to be <3

I hope you enjoyed that rambling goodness that is my empties. I don't go through nearly this much makeup on a monthly basis, so stay tuned for the next post as It will most likely be more compact and more of the products I love and less of the products I am just getting rid of!

x Tee

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  1. So many empties! I always use Maybelline Fit Me Concealer too, it's perfect! Always stocking up during Maybelline sales ;) haha. great empties post!

    Kate | themintedblog.com

    1. hahaha SAME! its so good! i wish they had a lighter shade though! thanks love!


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