Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette


A few weeks into may, this STUNNER was released online at Mecca as a limited edition release. It was priced at $72 dollars which at first glance I thought was steep, but considering their chocolate bar palettes are around the same price, I trusted my gut and gave it a go. Never having tried anything from Too Faced I was curious to see if it lived up to the hype. Thanks to my AMAZING best friend (she gifted me a gift card to Mecca for my birthday) I managed to pick up this beauty at a ridiculously cheap price, so I was definitely lucky in that regard. Two days later the baby was in my lap. 

First off, lets talk packaging. The first thing you notice is the smell! The scent of peach is so vibrant, that you can smell it even when the palette was in its original box. I have a guilty pleasure when it comes to things with scents, so this was a definite plus for me!

The palette is ombre'd from a pale peach to a coral peach, with little indentations of peaches on the front. Inside there is an ample mirror, with the most adorable little cartoon peach. There are 18 shades, which i believe is more than what you get in their Chocolate Bar Palettes. The colours are so universal, that I definitely can see why the brand says its suitable for all skin types. It is also universal in the sense that this is not only a palette you can ROCK in the summer time, with the peachy vibes and golden glow, but its also catering to the cooler months, with the bronze shades and the deep purples.

Bless Her Heart is one of my favourite colours from the palette. Its an olive green brown with gold reflects. Luscious also makes the list as its so stunning and angelic with its coppery, almost Rose Gold shade. 

The shadows are very pigmented, especially the matte colours (I mean how YUM is Summer Yum?!) and I can definitely understand now why they are so highly priced. You also need to take into consideration that this baby retails for only $50 dollars in the US, so its not a huge jump considering Australian makeup is always marked up. 

Overall do I think this palette is worth the hype and worth the money? HANDS DOWN YES! Not only is it top quality, but its fun, and smells amazing which brings the joy back into makeup. Even after only using it for a little over a week, I have to give it a 10/10. 

Unfortunately, this item is SOLD OUT online at Mecca, however according to their Facebook page, there are some still in stock in various stores around the country. The Co-Founder of Too Faced also reported that a new batch will be released overseas towards the end of the year, so not all hope is lost as of yet if you haven't been able to get your hands on it.


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  1. Love my Too Faced Peach Palette! I love Summer Yum, Bellini and Georgia most of all! Glad you are loving it too :) Great review! I should hurry up and write mine whoops!

    Kate |

    1. Isn't the palette just amazing! Summer Yum is hands down my favourite. Caramelized is also so stunning! Thank you lovely! I look forward to reading your review!<3


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