Australis AC Gems Limited Edition


Recently I picked up a few goodies from the AC Gems Limited Edition range from Australis. They came out with 4 new shades of the Velourlips Matte Lip Creams and 4 new shades from the Metallix Eyeshadows, all being limited edition! I managed to pick up two of the lipsticks and two of the eyeshadows at priceline when they were initially released. 

The four Velourlips that were released were Quartz and All, To-Paz or Not To-Paz, Em-Ruled City, and Full Moon-Stone (Grey-beige, Blue, Emerald Green, and Stark White in layman's terms). For all my Vegan viewers out there, you will be pleased to know that these lipsticks are not tested on animals, and are also vegan friendly. RRP: $10.95, available from Kmart, Priceline and the Australis online store.

The colours I picked up were (from top to bottom) To-Paz or not To-Paz, which is a dark blackish-blue, and also Quartz And All which is a greyish beige. 

The one thing I will say is, I found the blue EXTREMELY hard to swatch on my lips, as its such a BOLD colour that any slight mistake is noticeable. If I had a lipliner in a similar colour, it would have been perfect, but come hard is it to find a bold blue lip pencil? VERY! If you are light handed, you could almost use a black eyeliner pencil to lightly outline your lips.

Excuse the dodgy lip swatch (my lips are not the easiest to outline, especially with a doe foot applicator and not a lip pencil) but as you can see this colour is very grey and very grungy. Comparable to Gerard Cosmetics lipstick in London Fog, although not as blue-toned.

Next up are the Metallix Eyeshadows. I have nearly the whole collection of the original range of the Metallix cream eyeshadows, and I love them beyond compare to anything I've ever seen. They are cream shadows which are highly pigmented and highly metallic. The four new shades released include On The Tennis Quartz (purple), Girl On Sa-Phire (blue), Jaded (green), and Born To Diamond (silvery white). These products are also not tested on animals. RRP: $9.49 available from Kmart, Priceline and the Australis online store.

I picked up (from top to bottom) Jaded & Girl On Sa-Phire.

The lipsticks in this collection appear to have the same formula as the original line of Velourlips, being thin, buildable, and dries to a firm matte. The smell of them are still DEVINE and smell of lollies and grapes. I love the idea also of the white lipstick in this it was created to not only be able to be worn on its own (if you're daring enough), but also to mix in with shades to make your own custom colour.

The eyeshadow formula is hands down my favourite creamy metallic concoction known to man, and I can't wait to create some glam and bold smokey eyes with these shades. I would love to see if they keep a few of the colours in their permanent collection, as I can definitely see me going through that green pretty quickly this winter!

Overall I am in love with this collection, and how BADASS and bold everything is! The products are amazing, especially for the affordable price, and they are also cruelty free, making it a wonderful product for yourself, and for the earth. 

x Tee

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