GYM by bloompetal featuring a white vest

Every now and then I want to share some of the things i am LUSTING over when it comes to active wear. Active wear is forever changing in style and colours, especially with the change of seasons. I don't own much active wear (although my boyfriend would probably have to disagree!) and it pretty much contains things from Lorna Jane, Running Bare and good old Kmart. I want to venture out into new brands so every so often I want to do some research of what is out there and present you with stuff that catches my eye.

Can I just start off by saying... HOW CUTEEEEE (yes the extra E's were entirely necessary) are these Victoria Secret gym bras! They look super supportive (big boob problems) and have so many different colours to choose from!

I have noticed that the theme for most Australian gym wear is of course transitioning into the darker tones for winter, so its super exciting to go on American websites and see the bright colours being brought out. If I had to choose, I would choose brights any day. In saying that there are some pretty nice winter items coming out. There is a LOT of mesh (especially with the new jackets with Lorna Jane) and I'm loving it.

Tee x

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