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I feel like I haven't done a beauty (or beau-tee..get nickname is okay..carry on!) post in forever! Which is funny because besides health & fitness (and music, and books, and food) beauty is a massive passion of mine! I love how makeup makes me feel, and I love experimenting with new looks.

A while ago now, I picked up this palette for 14 Dollars (CHEAP RIGHT!) as I saw Crystal Conte rave about it so much so that I was determined to get my hands on it!

The packaging is adorable. It is so simple, yet elegant at the same time. I love the cushion detailing, and the little penguin that Carli is so known for.

As you can see there are 10 little eyeshadows and four highlighters. The highlighters however, are also meant to be used as eyeshadow! Talk about versatility! They are neutral and have very purple undertones, whilst also having a few golden copper shades which personally i think they suit every eye colour. They are very pigmented (especially the shimmer shades) and are blendable. 

There are SO many looks you can create with this palette (I mean, just go over to Crystal's channel, she has done many different looks using this palette!) which really means you are getting your moneys worth with this gem! You could create a smokey eye with the dark colours, a mauvey inspired eye perfect for winter, or a subtle champagne eye for everyday wear.

The highlighters are pigmented BEYOND THIS WORLD! I have so far only used the first three for highlighting, as the darkest bronze one is a bit too out there for my liking. HOWEVER, if you are tanned to the max, and want to have a bronzed glow, I think the last two golden shades in the palette would be so beautiful lightly dusted on the cheeks. 

My eyes are partially hooded so it is hard to TRULY see the colours so here is just a shameless selfie to show you how I wore this everyday golden eye for a romantic trip to the optometrists. 

SHOCKING camera skills here (iPhone quality is just sooo amazing as you can tell) but here is how golden and apricoty these colours can pull off, especially when you have blue eyes. Please don't judge me for the crappy wing application also.. WE ARE ALL HUMAN HERE GUYS!

OVERALL I have to give this palette a 9/10 as it is not only extremely affordable, however the eyeshadows are highly pigmented, blend beautifully, and have a very versatile colour range that can transition to every season year round!

You did good Carli... you did good!

Tee x

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