JUNE - Mid year New Year


Can I first start this off by saying....IS IT ALREADY JUNE???? how? Well obviously i know how time works, but this is as if time has been put on fast-forward. Regardless, June is here, which means many many things.

Firstly, it's officially winter here in Australia. So hot cups of hot chocolate, warm Pj's, and big coats and scarves are among the many wonders arriving. The main shock, however, is that June signifies that its been 6 months since we made our resolutions. Six months since we vowed we would workout more, lose weight, get healthy, ditch the spending habits, get a job, etc. Have you stuck with these resolutions? I can't honestly tell you, no lies, that I have not. I started off with hope, but the lack of motivation was there. So I have decided, what better way than to start fresh, than with a new season, and with a new goal in sight. 

Everyone's goals and resolutions will be completely different, as we are all unique individuals with different hopes and dreams and challenges that face us. I thought I would share with you my goals, in light that they may help someone out who is in a similar position to me. Even if no one reads this, it is still a motivational guideline for myself. 

1. My number one goal is to get my butt to the gym, or outside for a walk....anything that requires moving and exercise. I grow accustomed to the whole "I have too much to do tonight, I will go to the gym tomorrow". Do i go to the gym tomorrow? HA. Yeah right. But now I plan on doing so! And this time I will force myself to stick to it.

2. Feel healthy. Of course with all the working out I plan on doing, my goal is to lose weight so I no longer have to buy plus sized clothing (which, mind you, is hella expensive compared to shops that cater for smaller sizes). However, since finding out I have hashimotos, I realise that I NEED to get healthy to counteract any sickness that comes my way. Hashimoto's is one of those diseases where I can actually help myself improve, even in the slightest, if i eat healthy and exercise regularly. 

3. Document my journey. I don't mind if no one reads this....although I know my mum said she would (shout out to the woman who produced me!), I am doing this mainly for me. So i can see how much I change, and how far I come. If you would like to see more in-depth changes, transformations, etc., then you can check out my health instagram which is @littleteehealth.

What are your goals? I am excited for this new chapter in my life. I feel like, because I am doing it mid-year round, instead of during the new-year, i may in fact have a better chance of following through, as this time around i am doing it on my own accord; not with the assistance of new year resolutions. 


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