Who am I?


HELLO EVERYONE! okay, that was a bit eager...hi! My name is Tash (short for Natasha, but unless I'm in trouble...then let's keep it at Tash). This blog is going to be my creative outlet, and a way in which I can motivate myself to stay on my journey to a healthier and happier me! Here are a few things you need to know about myself!

1. This blog will not strictly be about health and fitness. I was watching a video on Tanya Burr's Channel the other day (okay, more like the other week) about how it is important to think about all the 'ands' when we discuss ourselves. I am on a health journey but that doesn't restrict me to being 100% gym junkie and nothing else. I am a gym junkie AND a beauty lover AND a makeup hoarder AND also an avid reader. Therefore this blog, although striving to discuss the importance of health and happiness, will also include other things that make me HAPPY. 

2. The name Little Tee Health kind of stuck when I was trying to figure out which instagram name to have. I don't like my full name, and I wanted something that would stand out but not be over done. Little Tee means little me pretty much. I am little (164cm to be exact) and sometimes my nickname Tash can be further broken down to the nickname Tee...I know, nickname inception! 

3. I have a strong phobia of birds and geckos....I know...do not judge. 

4. I have Hashimoto's disease as well as still kicking my depression and anxiety in the butt. Full story on this back story may come at a later date.

If no one ever reads this blog, I will honestly not care. This is for myself only. If you do however decide to read this blog and follow me on my health journey, then you are all sorts of amazing!

Until next time, 


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