My First Week


It's the end of my first week of this "healthy journey" and I thought I would create a little snapshot into what went down (inspired by Allys Bubble). It is currently nearly 10 pm on saturday night, and i have 7 men in my lounge room watching a League of Legends World Championship....and then I am waking up in the early hours of the morning to watch the Rugby World Cup Final! (GOOOO AUSTRALIA!). Anyway, carrying on....

On monday I completed the first day of Kayla Itsine's BBG 1.0 pre-training week one. I couldn't get through it all as I wasn't feeling well due to my monthly "visit" making me quite unwell. I then had a big day wednesday so I skipped my wednesday workout, but I managed to squeeze it in on thursday. It was arms and abs AND JESUS can I just say my stomach is still hurting! Like getting out of bed is so painful that I literally have to roll onto the floor. I am going for a walk with my mum tomorrow, so that will make 3 workouts...which is a good start!

I actually surprised myself this week with how well i did with what i ate. Dinners usually consisted of plenty of veggies and meat. However, EVERY day for lunch I had a salad. We have a cafe at work, and prior to this week i would have like hotdogs, hot chips, pies etc (not in one day obviously). Instead I ordered a sweet chilli chicken salad, with one boiled egg. They make it fresh and it is honestly the tastiest slice of heaven. 

Working on:
Still need to work on my water intake. I swear you will have NEVER met someone as bad at drinking water than me. I am hopeless. I have however still had no coke, and i even cut out my lunch time soft drink. I have been having powerade instead (i know its full of sugar, but until I can force myself to drink water, it will have to do). 

Mental Health:
Surprisingly i am feeling quite happy this week! I think it's because I was a bit more social! On tuesday, Brad took me out on a date, and then on friday, we went out for dinner. Usually I hate doing things during the week, but it felt good to do something instead of coming home, watching tv and then going to bed. My boss has noticed a difference in my personality, which honestly makes me feel like i am improving and i am changing. 

I picked up "An Abundance of Katherine's " the other night, but I can't dwell on it too much as I passed out after a couple of pages. I do however really want to start reading this book my mum gave me called 'A New Earth' by Eckhart Tolle.

Painting! I am painting everyone some art for christmas presents (managed to get all my canvases and paint for 150 dollars ) and I have been loving how cathartic (is that the right word?) it is. I feel relaxed when its just me, music and my paint brush.  I have also been loving playing around with makeup more. I feel like when I get so focused on my health and fitness, my passion for beauty takes a breather. I really want to make sure I keep multiple passions alive during this journey, as I believe its possible to be both a fitness freak & a beauty lover. 

That is all for this week! I am looking forward to a new week, for new improvements and new goals. x

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