I have found recent motivation to get serious about getting fit and healthy, and losing some weight as a bonus! I thought I would compile a few of my goals that I will aim for in the next coming months. There is only a couple of months till 2016, so its the perfect time to make a change, so then maybe my new years resolution might stick for once!

 - workout 3-5 times a week

- go for walks, try Kayla Itsine's BBG again!

 - continue to not have ANY Coke or Energy Drinks... 4 weeks without it, no point going back now!

- DRINK MORE GOD DAMN WATER....I am so bad at drinking water, that every day i have my partner, my mum, and my mother in law on my back asking me how much water I have drunk.....yeah i have issues.

- incorporate more fruit and veg, and start meal prepping for the week ahead so that i don't go off track and eat that hotdog.. or 3.

 - Continue to make progress with my anxiety, by finding ways to reduce it and to not sweat the little things.

- Find something good in everyday...this will be my motivation to keep going and to stay happy.

Weight: I haven't weighed myself in a long time, but i am sitting somewhere between 100 and 110 kilos. Ultimately I want to weigh around 70, but to start, my initial goal is to just get to 90 kilos. It's achievable if i seriously stay determined.

My inspiration:
 - Demi Lovato and her confidence with her body, and how she has overcome an eating disorder and has worked on her health and fitness.

- Lorna Jane ... one day I want to walk into a LJ store and buy something thats not in an XL, and to be able to fit into their leggings and shorts, cause right now that's not an easy feat.

- to not only be able to walk past a mirror or window and not hate what i see, but to also feel HEALTHY and ENERGETIC!

I hope these goals offer some inspiration or guidance for your journey also! Remember that everything is a process to where you want to be and its up to you whether you progress to that point. 

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