1. Asos Tulle Dress & Asos Blue Lace Dress - These are wedding inspirations. I am not engaged to be married, and even if i do get engaged soon, i probably won't be getting married for quite some time. But I have my whole wedding planned out already as I know it will be very simple and unique (PROBABLY not wearing white). The dress is a major MAJOR motivation key for me. There are so many simple dresses on Asos ranging from 100-400 dollars that suit my vision perfectly. Only dilemma is, they wouldn't suit my body shape right now. So even though I am not planning a wedding anytime soon, i still have it as motivation in the back of my mind.

2. Asos Bikini - Brad and I are planning to go to the coast next year for our anniversary, in roughly 4 months. In that 4 months, ideally i would like to weight a bit less, and feel more confident at the beach. I know realistically I probably won't lose HEAPS of weight in the space of 4 months, however I just want to feel confident in myself, both physically and mentally, so that I can have the best romantic getaway imaginable.

3. Rachel Aust - Hands down one of my favourite Youtuber's right now. Rachel is not only STUNNING, but she is a strong advocate for health and fitness. She is the co-founder of Eat Run Lift and is constantly uploading videos about food, health, fitness, and general tips on how to improve your lifestyle. Currently my source of inspiration !

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