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As you know, I have been struggling with anxiety and depression since July this year. This wasn't new for me, as I dealt with it quite intimately (depression and i go way back) back in august 2011, however it was hard as I felt like I was finally starting to find my footing. My anxiety is starting to slowly decrease (it is a LONG process, but I see improvement everyday), but I know there are some days where I just need to relax and unwind. I thought I would share my tips on what I do to help myself relax.

1. Pamper

I really need to start taking better care of my skin (me without makeup = disaster zone), so I have been trying to stick to a routine with cleansing my skin. I find it EXTREMELY relaxing to put on a face mask, and let it soak in whether I am in the bath, or having a long shower. There is nothing more satisfying than drenching a face towel in warm water, and scrubbing the mask of your face. The warm skin is soothing as well, and will pull out toxins in your skin.

2. Listen to music

I try to listen to music while I am at work, not only to pass time, but to also take the focus off my mind. When  I am listening to music, I am in control of my mind more. I can't explain how. Try putting on some soothing music, and having a nice warm shower. I sometimes sit in the bottom of the shower and let the water hit my back, with music playing in the background (having a wicked karaoke session of course!). I Suggest checking out Shawn Mendes' "A Little Too Much" as it is a  MUST if you are struggling with a dark cloud surrounding you. My other personal favourite is Twenty One Pilots. Their music is raw and honest when it comes to depression, anxiety and life.

3. Exercise

I notice that after exercising I am less stressed, and more relaxed. Funny how the body works hey? Going for a walk is scientifically proven to relieve stress and to calm your body and mind. Another option is to go for a walk with your mum, or a friend. You will be so focused on chatting, that you won't even realise you are working out, and it will help relieve some stuff off your chest. Weights are also good if you want to release anger or frustration!

4. Write it down

Writing your feelings down can be challenging. Sometimes you might find it hard to put your thought process down on paper. Other times, what you are feeling might make you anxious by thinking about it and maybe even writing it can make you feel vulnerable. After you do write it down, however, you will feel lighter. No matter how hard it is to talk about something, once you relieve a bit of it, the load gets easier to carry.

Remember, you are not alone, and every day is another day to be happy and to make progress on your  journey.

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