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Not everyone agrees with the whole 'new year, new me' notion. I think its a beautiful thing, that on the same day, many people come together to work on themselves. Of course you can make a change any day of the year, it does not need to be January 1st. My 'wake up call' just so happened to be around the new year, so it is perfect timing.

I am going to share with you my goals for 2016 and how I break my 'main' goals down into more realistic and precise goals. It is important to break down your goals so you have things set to work on. If you say you want to lose weight, HOW are you going to do this? By setting goals within goals, you are giving yourself something to grasp and work on. I also have a bucket list for the year at the end, where I have a few little things I want to get done in 2016.

Lose Weight & Work Out

This is my number one goal of 2016. I am technically overweight for my height (I am only 164 cm). Although I hate calling myself fat (even though sometimes that evil word comes out to play) I know that I am not comfortable in my skin. Not only that, I NEED to work out in order to lessen my anxiety and my mental health issues. Exercise is the most important thing you can do to work on your mental health. My goals for this are: 

  • Lose 20 kilos (minimum) by the end of 2016. 
  • Workout 3-5 times a week (THIS IS MANDATORY TASH! WORK YOUR BUTT OFF...actually no we want to keep the butt)
  • Start Kayla Itsines BBG when the 'Kayla Movement' starts on January 11th...and DON'T give up this time.

Reduce Anxiety & Improve Mental Wellbeing

My anxiety has been pretty overwhelming for half of last year. I went through horrible physical symptoms of anxiety, including constant nausea, no energy, digestive issues, etc. I NEED to get mentally healthier in order to be happy, and not fall into the dark dark horrible hole that I fell in last year.

  • Write in a diary to let feelings out. Once in the diary, let it leave your mind.
  • MEDITATE. Use headspace, or youtube videos of yoga. Incorporate this into your routine. 
  • Introduce new things into my life. Instead of sitting in bed watching netflix, go to the park, or the movies, or go to Grill'd on the weekend for lunch. 
  • Start to ween off medication. 

Stick to Blogging

Blogging is such an important creative outlet for me. I am a very creative person, and I feel so much more in control of my life when I am blogging. I feel like I am more happy, and willing to improve, when I am putting myself out on the line and blogging about my experiences.

  • Work out a schedule, and upload a post every week or two weeks. 
  • Create more content about mental health and (hopefully) reach out to people who need guidance and help on their journey.

Drink Water

I am the worst human being on earth when it comes to water consumption. I just don't drink water. It is such a bad habit to have, and with it being a habit, I will have to slowly work on it until I can curb it into a new habit of actually drinking more water.

  • Drink at least 2 Litres of water a day by the end of 2016. 

Bucket List 2016

  • Tattoos: I have a big sleeve piece i am working on, and I hope to have at least the outline done in the next few months. I also have some song lyrics from 'Twenty One Pilots' that I want to go around my sun tattoo on my arm. I also want to get some lines around my wrist (almost like a bracelet) because i F*ing can. 
  • Read more books - at least one a month. Try incorporating more reading at night, instead of watching an entire series of PLL. 
  • Be able to walk into normal clothes shops, like Valley Girl, Ally and H & M and find something in my size. 
  • Go on a holiday to the coast. 
  • Save money - have a couple grand AT LEAST in my kitty by the end of the year.


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