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So a fair few posts ago I talked about 'pumped up kicks' and now, my friends, we are diving into one of my other passions besides health and beauty...MUSIC! I have always loved music since I was very young. My dad used to play us an eclectic range of music in the car, and I remember growing up listening to music very different to the kids around me. I was in school choir all through primary school, and at one stage I stood in the bathroom at around age 12 and I told my mum that one day I was going to grow up to be like Shania Twain, and I'd write music and sing like a boss. That pipe dream didn't happen, but i have never stopped loving music. I love how music can capture and emphasize any moment in time. It can help in sadness, it can make you feel happy, it can help you relax, it can motivate you to clean your house even! Today, I thought i would share with you a few of my current favourite jams for when i am working out!

If you want to follow my gym playlist on spotify, follow this link 'here'! I am constantly adding more music.

Run the World (Girls) - Beyonce  - ultimate girl power hit. It makes me want to dance and work hard. 7/11 is also pretty mint.

Propoganda - DJ Snake - trap music is my go to for working out, especially when I am power walking or doing weights, which lets be real, its pretty much all i do.

Birthday Cake -Rihanna - this is my 'sexy' song. everyone needs a sexy song in their playlist to make them feel confident and BOSS when working out.

Drunk In Love (Remix) - Beyonce, Jay Z, Kanye West - I love the remix part of this more than the actual song...ya did good yeezy.

Coming Over - Dillon Francis - this is just a feel good song, with a hint of trap music/electro to it.

Lush Life - Zara Larsson - my current top hit at the moment! just makes me want to move! Must admit I have busted a few moves listening to this...while in the shower...okay I just swayed, but still..i moved.

Pop Dat - 4B, Aazar - a recent find for me, but this is another trap song, perfect for weights.

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