8 Weeks Challenge - The Beginning of my Journey


My resolution for 2016 was mainly to lose weight, exercise more, and get healthier. I attempted the Kayla Itsines BBG back in January but I failed miserably and fell off the bandwagon. Last Friday (12/02) I asked one of the girls i work with (who is also a PT) when she does her PT sessions. She then mentioned that she had just started an 8 week challenge that Monday. After some weekend pondering, i decided i would commit and join in the challenge, even if it meant missing the first week.So technically I am doing a 7 week challenge, but nevertheless its still a challenge. That brings us to now...first week done and dusted. I thought I would do a update of the past week, including how my eating has been and a few other tidbits.


This week I did boxing on Monday, strength training Tuesday, fitness testing Wednesday and cardio/circuit on Friday.

On Wednesday we had to run/walk a km as quick as possible for our fitness testing, and it was honestly the hardest thing I had done in a long time. I used to go on little walks quite often, and id usually knock a km out in 10 minutes. I can't remember what time I made on Wednesday, but to my knowledge it was somewhere between 6-8 minutes. My legs were burning, my breathing was heavy, it was hard. Ultimately by the end of this, i want my breathing to be more steady when jogging, and I want my endurance to pick up.

Ultimately, I surprised myself with how well i did this week. I was determined not to give up, and even when i felt so rotten and sick, i still got my ass over there and gave it my all. Yesterday I may have pushed myself too much as my heart rate was well and truly over my peak range.


My eating has been the best it has ever been lately! I have the same thing for lunch everyday (still not sick of it yet!) I have about 1 - 2 cups of rice, 1-2 breasts of chicken (seasoned with paprika and Cajun), corn kernels, steamed veggies (i just get the packets of broccoli and beans from the frozen section), and some sweet chili. Besides the sugar in the sweet chili, it honestly isn't a bad meal.

I have noticed that my metabolism has sped up to CRAZY levels, so quickly! I am hungry...ALL. THE. TIME. I have yet to get my breakfast down pat, and my snacking isn't up to par, as i don't think i am fuelling my body with enough food.

Mental Health

I would be lying if i told you I have never been happier. This week was HARD. It was also "that time" which i personally like to call 'Shark Week', so my hormones were causing havoc...TMI but I like to keep it real here. The first couple of days I was emotional on all different levels. I was happy one minute, then sad the next. On Wednesday night, I came home after my workout and just cried in my partners arms. not like hysterical sobbing, but just a few sniffles to let it all out. I was WRECKED. It is now Saturday, and I am feeling pretty good. My energy levels aren't too bad, and my anxiety is okay.


Besides being sore and generally exhausted, my health isn't too bad. I have still been getting little lumps in my throat and waves of nausea, however my body has been through a lot this week, so I am not concerned.


i can't wait to come back in another 6 weeks, and see how much has changed/improved!

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