Mid-Challenge Update


Technically I am past the middle of my 8-week challenge, but so much has changed that I just wanted to make an update on my progress and what not. 

We are coming into week 7 tomorrow (Monday), which still is technically week 6 for me as I missed out on the first week, but its all the same at the end of the day. Considering I missed a few sessions in weeks 4 and 5, I am improving and changing so quickly that I can't even slow time down to notice. I haven't lost much weight per say but I have COMPLETELY turned my life around mentally and physically. Aesthetically, I am getting many compliments from my family about my changing body, which is so beautiful to hear because even though my measurement's haven't shifted, I feel like my body is changing. Everything from my stomach, to my legs, feels like it is slimming down.

Mentally, I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. Before i started this challenge I was depressed, and so so anxious. I would nearly end every day in tears or in a shamble of stress. Ever since starting this journey I have improved dramatically, not only with my mental state, but also my perception of life, and what my goals are. 

Physically, I am improving every day. I can now jog/run for short bursts of time, I am nearly at the point where I can transition my plank to being on my toes instead of my knees, and I'm absolutely loving workout out every day. 

This was just a small little update of my journey so far. I am very much looking forward to what more I can achieve in the future, and how much more benefits I will get out of this healthy lifestyle. 

xx Tee

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