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FIT by bloompetal featuring a white vest

As of recently, I have put myself on a clothing ban. I am not buying any clothes, except if there are workout clothes on sale for dirt cheap! This means no work clothes, no casual clothes, not even clothes preparing me for winter. I was looking around for new workout clothes (not that I have the money to buy them) for inspiration and motivation to lose weight, and these are a few of the items that caught my eye (SQUAT GOALS?! um.. YES!). I found out that Boohoo actually has some SUPER cute items of workout gear, at a super reasonable price, so that is why I have featured a few of their products above!

On the topic of clothing bans, I thought i would share few tips that have helped me declutter my wardrobe, and prepare me for when I eventually lose the weight, and won't need all these unnecessary items.

I spent four hours last Sunday going through every single item of clothing I own and putting them into separate piles. This is my first tip when decluttering, as it makes the process runs smoothly. I have one pile that needs to be chucked (this includes anything with really bad stains, or cuts, holes, tears etc that can't be salvaged), another pile for donation, and another pile for things you want to keep but don't fit right now.

Another helpful tip is when you are going through every item of clothing, ask yourself "Have I worn this in the last 6 months?" "does it fit?" "does it suit my style?" "Is it sentimental?" If the answer is no to all of them, then BYE BYE clothes.

When it comes to things that don't fit ( if you are going through a weight loss journey like myself) only keep items that either hold sentimental value to you (Formal dress, significant birthday dress, hand me downs from parent and grandparent etc) or items that you really need to keep around. I got rid of a LOT of stuff that didn't fit, and besides the few sentimental items, i kept all of my QLD Red's Jerseys, and a few other items of clothing that still suited my style that I wanted to keep for future use.

I felt so refreshed and clean after purging my unwanted and non needed clothes, especially when you know they are going to a better home, where they will be used, and not collecting dust.

Long story short, I am NOT buying any clothes till i start to lose weight as its just pointless to do so now if in a few months the clothes won't fit.

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