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Before anyone states "but tash, October isn't even over yet", lemme be real with you. I have horrible anxiety on a normal day, so mix in the pressure of Christmas and it is heightened by 150%, so I like to be super prepared for Christmas to lessen the anxiety. Last year I left everything to the last minute and it was so stressful. I thought I would share some Gift Ideas that are not only things I would enjoy receiving, but maybe to give you some ideas for your mum, dad, brother, boyfriend, girlfriend, bestfriend, anyone! Let me know if you want to see more Holiday inspired posts!

 Perfume and Cologne have to be one of the best gifts you will receive, or at least in my eyes that is! I think its a timeless gift, its a useful gift, and depending on what kind of perfume it is, it may be something you wouldn't necessarily go out and by for yourself.  I smelled Dior's Poison Girl this week and oooooooooh my goodness, it is amazing. It smells like Vanilla and is just so luxurious. Downside is, this perfume is expensive, but as a gift it kind of balances that cost issue out! I have not smelled the Versace cologne to the right, however that packaging is amazing! I know my partner LOVES getting cologne as a gift, as he doesn't go out and actively get them for himself. Major props to stores like Myer, who stock numerous size ranges for their perfumes and colognes, as it means you can get a smaller bottle (for obviously a cheaper price) that way the person you are buying it for can test it out for themselves, without burning a big hole in your wallet!

For all your makeup lovers out there, getting makeup/beauty products as gifts are super thoughtful. It shows that you know that person and what their passions are. If you know what kind of makeup your friend/family member likes, or even specific items then go right ahead! But if you are unsure, many places such as Sephora, Mecca Cosmetic and Mecca Maxima, Priceline and Myer sell Gift Packs which usually contain deluxe sized sample items, or special limited edition holiday collections. The samples, like in the Tarte one above, mean the person you are buying for can trial out some new goodies! And seriously, how adorable is this bath set from the Sephora Collection!? Perfect mix of novelty and practicality!

Personalised gifts are such a wonderful gift, not only to receive, but to give! It shows that you put in the time and effort to create something that they can enjoy, and sometimes depending on the gift get a good laugh out of it. This year I actually created a few things off a site here in Aus called Big W Photos, as they had a HUGE sale on personalised items, but of course it's a secret as to what I got as I know my family will probably read this! However you can find HEAPS of websites available to create different things for your friends and family, like this print above!

Candles are a simple but timeless gift to receive in my eyes, as they are not only practical but they can bring happiness into the home. I love the Glasshouse range as I believe that you get what you pay for, with it being slightly more luxurious than something you can find at the Reject Shop, and come in soooooo many scents that make choosing so difficult. Of course, you don't have to splurge $40 on a candle! Many places sell them including Dusk, Target, and even boutique websites online!

Now these gifts here are something that won't cater for everyone. Either you love them or hate them, or are just indifferent to them. Maybe you are one of those people that love collecting them, or maybe you can't justify spending 20 dollars on a figurine that serves no practical purpose. Personally, I LOVE them! So does my partner, my brother, my friends, and even my parents! There are hundreds to choose from and come in heaps of genres from Harry Potter, GOT, Disney, even various bands and movies and anime! It is a cheap gift and perfect for the person that loves little knick knacks like this. Check them out on the Zing website!

Not everyone likes giving people gift cards...I know from experience that some family members refused to do it as it wasn't thoughtful. But I believe gift cards are amazing, if given in the right way! For example: You have a makeup addicted daughter ( me), maybe a Mecca or Myer voucher would help her add to her collection; you have a nerdy cute boyfriend who likes computer games, buy him a EB Games or Steam voucher; Your mum likes Bacardi, get her a Liquor store voucher so that she can buy allllll of the rum and not have to worry about her money going towards bills! It's little things like that, that make the person receiving the gift go, omg they actually understand what kind of person I am and what I enjoy! Also, if you get to Christmas Eve and go SHIT I forgot to get my boss a gift, you can get a voucher quickly and it saves the day and you won't get fired come the New Year!

The beauty of all these gifts is that you can spend as little or as much as you want. With perfume, there are sooooo many different brands and scents out there, and sometimes the ones that cost $20 are more incredible than the High End brands. You can buy your friend an eyeshadow palette worth $70, or you can buy a Lipgloss for $15. You can get a gift card for $100, or you can get one fore $25. When buying gifts, remember that you don't have to spend a lot of money. If the person you are buying for is an understandable and grateful person, they will appreciate anything you give them regardless of the pricetag. It's all about the thought that counts, afterall!

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