Gerard Cosmetics: Review & Swatches


A while ago i purchased two of the Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks in a  bundle pack, with each lipstick costing 10 dollars (SCORE!) I ended up originally purchasing 1995 along with Kimchi Doll as I saw a video of these two in a combo creating an ombre lip and I was suckered in to buying them! I think i wore 1995 religiously for a fair few months once i purchased it! It is the epitome of a Kylie Jenner/90's lip! A month or so ago (actually, it was around the 1st of july...Hello EOFY deals!) I managed to pick up another 3 in a bundle! I ended up adding Grape Soda, Rodeo Drive and Underground to my collection. 

These lipsticks are highly pigmented and really creamy, and stay on for quite some time! The formula is hard to explain, because on some its extremely creamy and glides on like a dream, and with a few of them you have to press a little harder to get it on your lips, but this makes it stay on even longer. They are comfortable on the lips, and the quality is OUTSTANDING for the price! OH, and the packaging! there is nothing sexier than a sleek golden bullet. 

1995 - perfect 90's/Kylie Jenner Lip. A brown nude with a slight pink undertone.

Kimchi Doll - not my absolute favourite on it's own, however it is the perfect shade to chuck over a nude lipliner, or in the middle of a darker shade to create the perfect gradient effect.

Underground -my favourite!! It's similar to 1995 in the sense that its a shade of brown, but it nears on the grey/slate side of the colour wheel. PERFECT shade. If you can only get one, I recommend this shade!

Rodeo Drive - a pink based nude with a slight tint of brown.

Grape Soda - A purple/Raspberry hue.

I hope you enjoyed this short but sweet review on some of my all time favourite lipsticks!

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