July Favourites


I do realise it is well and truly into August, and I am late to the game here, but better late than never right? I was gonna toss this post in the bin and just wait for August Favourites to roll around, but hey....why waste a perfectly good opportunity to talk about beauty products!?

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette // Of course this was going to make my favourites! Did you even need to ask? I have used this every single god damn day. Champagne Pop is quickly going lower and lower in the pan (or maybe I am just paranoid about using it all up). This is perfect for everyday, as well as full-glam, so it has been an absolute constant in my routine lately. Check out my review on it over here :)

Nars Lip Gloss in 'Sweet Dreams' // If you read my haul post from the other week (check it out here) you would know I picked this up from my trip to Mecca. This was a splurge. It is quite expensive for a lipgloss but of course you are paying for the brand name. The colour is stunning! I can best describe it as a warm peachy pink, with gold shimmer. It is perfect as a nude lip (layered on a nude line or lipstick) and I can see myself getting heaps of use out of this in the warmer months!

Lush Fresh Face Mask in 'Don't Look At Me' // Another purchase from my recent haul, I absolutely LOOOOOVED this. Sadly it has passed its expiration date, but I will be purchasing another one of these when I go to Lush next (hopefully next weekend). It smells like citrus and is perfect at exfoliating, leaving your skin so baby-bottom soft once you rinse! They are also Vegan, for any of you interested in cruelty-free products.

That is literally all I have for this month! That makes me so sad :( Unfortunately, due to how busy work was, I wasn't really energized enough to do my makeup all that great in the morning. If you wanna maybe see a post in regards to my minimalistic makeup for rushed mornings, let me know in the comments below.

X Tee. 

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